Baby Forest Winter Tips for Babies
October 19, 2022

5 Must-Know Tips For Your Baby’s First Winter

As much as baby’s first things bring happiness to their parents, they are escorted by a lot of worries and anxiety. Especially for new parents who are in the process of discovering the right and wrong choices for a child. When it comes to winter, it is more than the weather. For adults, it is the time of the year when they can sunbath with their family members, eat all those healthy greens, gur, ladoos made by Dadis and Nanis what not!, the time to snuggle themselves in layers of quilts, and seek comfort like a baby. But for the little ones, it is harsher than the adults. They might not enjoy the coziness that winter carries with it. Their immunity and delicacy is more vulnerable in cold. But a small checklist of what you should prepare for your baby’s first winter will embrace comfort and warmth for them. 

Baby Massage

 #1 A Massage A Day Will Keep The Cold Away

A massage for a little one is a wonder tip! It shields the delicacy of the baby packed with strength and nutrients. Cold weather stiffens the muscles and babies have even lesser muscle mass than adults so it is much more difficult for them to move freely. Almond Oil has the perfect nature and tempera for massage on those cold days. Baby Forest Badami Sneh Almond Oil is full of warmth and helps with the proper circulation of blood. It also works as a natural moisturizer that protects the fragile skin of the baby from being chapped off.


 #2 Heavy Layers Are Never A Good Idea

We try to layer up the little ones with the good intention of protection but we forget that the weight is too much work for them. Secondly, it restricts them from setting their bodied in free motion which makes them vulnerable to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.


 #3 Breastfeed Is A Defense

When we say that: No one protects a child better than a mother; breastfeeding is one of the root reasons that support this fact! Breast milk is full of antibodies and boosts the immunity of a baby. And we all know how the months after the fall are followed by the cold and cough. Natural Antibodies provided by the milk are resistant to infections. Even for older babies, we have a solution! Baby Forest Komal Shwas vapor rub helps them to breathe easily and promotes better sleep. 

Baby Bathing

 #4 Give Them A Bath But Alternatively!

If you are afraid of bathing your baby in winters, don’t be! Lukewarm water is a completely safe option and is even essential to maintain the hygiene of a baby. But, exposing them to water every day might not be a wise choice. Choosing a suitable hour which is not too cold will avoid catching a cold and cough.


 #5 Nature’s Bath Is The Best Bath

Who doesn’t love those warm, cozy, and glowing sunrays falling through the window? Well, nature has its shield all set for your baby. The best time to seek comfort from the sun is from 10 am to 3 pm. Rather than protecting your baby from the sun every time…exposure to the sun is very important for the absorption of vitamin D.

Note: Do not expose the baby for more than 30 minutes and seek a doctor’s help in case of any skin condition. 


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