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November 19, 2022

Naamkaran: The Identity Of A Baby

As the title suggests, Naamkaran is the ceremony for giving a name to a child. A name is what one's identity revolves around. It holds key importance in a child's life. The Baby's deeds, behavior, and life get influenced by their name. Hence it is a very auspicious event after a child's birth that officially welcomes the child into the family. The friends and relatives meet the youngest member of the family to shower their blessings.

What Is The Right Time For Naamkaran Sanskar?

Traditionally, Naamkaran is performed after the sutika gets over. That means on the eleventh or twelfth day after the birth of a baby. So, after consulting the priest, parents can perform the ceremony on any auspicious day until the first 100 days or before the first birthday.


Rituals Of Naamkaran

  • Havan Poojan:

The parents are required to do the havan poojan for the prosperity of their Baby. In the presence of the God of Agni, elements, the mother earth, and the sun, it is believed that the pooja increases the smartness of a child as they get to know their identity. 

  • Choosing The Name:

According to the customs, a syllable is assigned depending upon the moon sign, nakshatra's initials, or Baby's sun sign. It is optional to keep the name only according to the signs of the Baby. These days’ parents decide the name of their babies in advance. And some believe in advising their choice with the priest.

  • Announcing The Name:

Whatever the choice of the name is, the father writes the name on the bronze plate full of the rice grain, optionally with a gold ring. The father whispers the chosen name four times in the right year of a child and then announces it to the family and friends.



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