Hospital Bag Checklist for Delivery 2024: Essentials That You Can't Miss For Your Delivery Day
February 06, 2024

Hospital Bag Checklist for Delivery 2024: Essentials That You Can't Miss For Your Delivery Day

Mummas are always pre-prepared for their babies, but preparing for the crucial delivery time is everyone's task in the family. The suitable time to start collecting and packing things up is three or at least two weeks before the due date of the delivery, and if you feel the signs are earlier, start packing your hospital bag for delivery bag at the moment. This blog is the right place to 'get to know maternity essentials' if you are a mother with her grand day on the way or if you are the lucky partner of the one! Following is the checklist of all-important articles for mom and baby that need to reach the hospital. 

Hospital Bag Checklist For Baby

Baby's hospital bag

Swaddle and Soft Blankets

Family and friends are sure to shower their blessings upon hearing the good news of your newborn's arrival, often eager to visit. To ensure your little one stays cozy and warm during these joyous moments, it's a great idea to include extra-soft, warm, and lightweight baby blankets in your maternity bag.  

Consider swaddles as an essential addition – these snug wraps provide a sense of security for newborns and help regulate their body temperature. Opt for breathable and gentle fabrics like high-quality, super soft bamboo muslin fabric, allowing your baby to feel comfortably cocooned while ensuring proper airflow.   

Going Home Outfit

This will be the first thing that the baby will wear as an outfit. You can keep something comfortable and traditional or something memorable knitted by grandmas for your little one.  

Wipes, Diapers, And Nappies

Handmade cotton nappies have been the safest and the neatest option from day one. Since we can bathe a baby after 24 hours and not daily, baby wipes are essential for cleaning. You can also use comfortable and soft diapers based on your choice. 

Ritual Ingredients

Every culture performs rituals right after birth or a day after. One commonly known tradition is Jatakarma, where the father puts a tiny drop of honey onto the baby's tongue. So make a mini checklist for ingredients and pack some sweets for the guests! 

Socks and Mittens

Unlike adults, it might be crucial for babies to adapt to the temperature. And if the weather is cold, socks, knitted caps, and mittens are essential to comfort newborns. Mittens will also protect the baby from hurting themselves from their sharp nails. 

A Checklist for Mothers on Hospital Bag for Delivery

Mother's hospital bag

Your Medical Records

Remember to check out the copies of previous medical reports. It might be the case that your delivery doctor can be different from your regular doctor; hence It will save a lot of time on formalities. And if you have a birth plan, take multiple copies to provide to the medical team. 

Gowns and Bathrobe

We are all familiar with the exceptional comfort of our home clothes. You might not feel warm and cozy wearing those hospital gowns. So, pack your convenience with you in your hospital bag for delivery!


That one pillow that, if ever gets switched, you find it difficult to sleep, remember to carry that with you. 

Toiletries and Towels

These are the most random but essential daily things that cause acute discomfort if they are not there. Make a carry case with extra clean towels with your hairbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, body wash, lotion, etc. 

Plus Size Underwear and Pads

Postpartum absorbent underwear will be the most helpful thing you can carry for a soon-to-be mother. Secondly, say no to tampons for this time and pack yourself comfortable heavy-duty maternity pads. 

Nursing and Supportive Bra

This part of life as a woman is one of the most beautiful, with a lot of pain to endure. To ease it a little bit, buy a supportive bra and a nursing one to feed your baby easily. 


  1. What do I need in my maternity bag for the hospital?

    It would be best to carry essentials in your maternity bag, including ID, insurance info, comfortable clothing, toiletries, snacks, entertainment, and personal care items like medications. 
  2. How many days should I pack for a hospital bag?

    Pack your hospital bag for delivery at least 2-3 weeks before your due date. Also, pack for a 2-3 day stay, ensuring you have enough essentials for both you and your baby. 
  3. What should I wear during delivery?

    Remember, comfort is key; consider a loose-fitting, comfortable gown or a nursing-friendly top. 
  4. How many maternity pads do you take to the hospital?

    Pack at least a 2-3 day supply of maternity pads in your hospital bag to manage postpartum bleeding. 
  5. What do babies wear right after birth?

    Newborns are usually swaddled in a blanket or dressed in a onesie and a capfor warmth. The hospital may provide some essentials. But you ensure you carry all the baby care products in your maternity bag. 
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