Moh Malai Baby Body Lotion

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The lightweight textured cream combines natural elements of Shea Butter, Mulethi, and Rose petals that provide nourishment, and hydration, suppress skin disorders and embrace your little one with the goodness of mother nature.

Mulethi Jethimadh (Licorice), Anar Dadim (Pomegranate Seed Oil), Paatala- Pushpam (Rose Flower Petals), Ashyuka (Mulberry Leaf Extract), Tila Tailam (Sesame Oil), Shea Makkhanam (Shea Butter), Badam Vatadha ( Almond Oil), Narikel Tailam (Coconut Oil), Ghrit Kumari (Aloe Vera), Neemba (Neem Extract)

Apply Baby Forest Moh Malai Body Lotion on your baby's body and massage gently using a circular motion until the body lotion is fully absorbed.

Your Baby Benefits

Shea Butter
Shea Butter Shea Butter packed with vitamins and fatty acids delivers intense nourishment & hydration
Licorice Mulethi helps prevent skin disorders like eczema, curing rashes as well as skin dryness.
Rose Flower Petals
Rose Flower Petals Vitamin C, A and E rich Rose petals soothes, softens and moisturizes baby’s fragile skin
Coconut Oil
Coconut Oil Coconut oil's natural properties aid in cleansing your baby's skin by eliminating any dirt on the surface. Baby's skin feels smooth, soft, and shiny because of its moisturizing qualities.

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