Prepare Your Baby for Winter: Tips for Dry Skin Care
December 03, 2022

Prepare Your Baby for Winter: Tips for Dry Skin Care

Parents know how delicate their precious jewels are. But the vulnerability increases with the change of weather. With the arrival of winter comes a lot of dryness. And various types of skin problems are common. The reasons behind the issues are unpredictable and innumerable. It's a neverending list that puts the skin in danger, and we can't remove its presence from the environment. All we can do is protect the baby's skin and nourish it properly. When we talk about nourishment and care, it doesn't mean.... to use something extra! but to do the proper care! And the proper care comes from simple and natural formulas. The one's that our Nani maa talked about! Here are the minimal and apt tips for your baby's upcoming winter.

Moisturize With The Best!

It might be challenging for new moms to decide on the right moisturizer for their babies. And terms like hyaluronic acid, squalene, and allantoin can be tempting while you shop. But sticking to products that have the moisture of natural oils is far safer than anything that is "chemically safe''. Baby's skin lacks the acid mantle layer, a barrier that protects our skin. Its absence makes a child's skin directly vulnerable to the environment. Moisturize your baby's skin with the goodness of all-natural formula every day and every time before you step out. Baby Forest Moh Malai baby body lotion has the nourishment of shea butter, coconut oil, almond oil, pomegranate seed oil, aloe vera, rose petals, and Mulethi. It hydrates and nourishes the baby's skin with the best of nature.

Ease Off Upon The Bath Time 

If your baby is a newborn or an infant, you don't have to over-bathe them for a prolonged time. And even say no to those fun bubble baths for a while. When bathing, they are exposed to chilly winds that are too harsh for them. It can affect their health, and their skin can dry out. The little one needs something that won't let them lose their natural moisture and give some extra nourishment to them in this severe weather. Only nature's ingredients are to be trusted for a baby. One of the finest picks is Baby Forest Nirmalya Snan Natural Baby Soap. A mishran of precious essential oils like jojoba, sesame, rosehip, and castor. It tones the texture of baby skin, leaving it soft, supple, and nourished.

Clothing & Temperature. 

We think that layering will protect our munchkins the most. But it's not the truth! Instead, the friction of clothes will be uncomfortable for the delicate little loves. Keep them warm but light weighted and cozy! Clean the woolens with Baby Forest Mridul Poshaak Liquid detergent. It will keep their tiny clothes delicate on their skin after every wash. And the formulation of herbs and plant extract will prevent any itchiness. Don't overheat your home too. The extra heat will only bring dryness, eventually affecting the skin and causing inflammation.   

Massage Your Baby To Lock The Natural Heat

Nothing is better than using natural formulas to secure the heat that the body already has. Massaging the baby with Almond oil will nourish and improve blood circulation and provide warmth in the most natural way possible. What concerns most moms is the heaviness and sticky nature of oils. Baby Forest Badami Sneh Organic cold-pressed almond oil is nourishing and highly absorbent, making it easier for both mom and baby. 

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