Baby Loi Ubtan: Traditional & Modern Care for Stylish Moms
February 06, 2024

Baby Loi Ubtan: Traditional & Modern Care for Stylish Moms

We all have at least one dainty memory of our Dadi maa or Nani maa rubbing the back of an infant with wheat atta loi, especially on a baby's forehead. Since babies are as delicate as rose petals, removing the excess baby hair by loi is pain-free. For these fragile and initial days, using wheat atta lLoi for babies is a perfect Indian tradition with an optimum amount of tenderness! Not as typical as it sounds, a loi is just a tiny amount of wheat dough rolled into a ball and dipped into oil of preference for giving a loi massage to your little one. 

The Tradition of Loi in India

The tradition of rubbing a loi has its roots in the ancient heritage of baby care. You must have heard those tales about strong babies with strong muscles during childhood. Well, the seeds of that strength are sowed right in the newborn's first month. The soft massage allows them to handle the force provided by human hands in the next few months. The primary function of this practice is the removal of excess baby hair. But it has several other benefits. The soft atta lLoi takes care of the blood circulation in the most delicate way possible, reducing body hair growth. Along with it, it protects the baby from various toxins as well. 

 Types of Loi 

Just like how every grandma and maa has her own best ways for their babies, the custom of lLoi is also different in every household. Some mothers use oils like sesame, mustard, and coconut oil to dip the dough. In contrast, others believe in adding a pinch of turmeric for protection. The goodness of these ingredients and natural plant extracts is what curates Baby Forest's Baby Loi Ubtan. We bring the concept of Loi and the nourishment of ubtan together in this magical box. Our ayurvedic composition of five ayurvedic plant extracts like wheat, turmeric, besan, licorice powder, and vetiver provides babies with tender care and saves their mothers some time. 


Why should you choose Baby Forest's Loi Ubtan?

This Loi Uubtan is unique in its ingredients, texture, and fragrance. Starting with wheat flour, it helps to remove extra hair and acts as an antioxidant and cleanser. Turmeric does its wonder by improving the skin texture of the baby. From the forest of flour, gram flour enhances the skin's softness. At the same time, licorice and vetiver help as a natural coolant and prevent inflammation with their neutral oils. The powdered texture makes it handy and easier to use. You don't have to miss your baby's massage while traveling. The most distinctive advantage of the product is that you can pair it with our Gulaab Oose. The richness of traditional paatalam pushpah cohered with the mishran of vetiver creates a mystical fragrance that is both safe and soothing for the baby and the mother.

Step-By-Step Guide for The Proper Use of Baby Loi Ubtan


Step 1

Step 1- Take two big spoons of Somya Nikhaar Baby Loi ubtan.


Step 2

Step 2- Mix the ubtan with the desired quantity of Baby Forest rosewater and purified water.


Loi icon

Step 3- Create a thick paste and knead soft dough for the baby.


Step 4

Step 4- Rub that loi in a circular motion on the baby's back, forehead, legs, and arms.


Note: Rub a Loi after giving an oil massage to your baby.

Modern moms need a vogue product for their young ones while keeping the traditional treasure intact. Baby Loi ubtan is a balanced bridge between tradition and urban parenthood.     



  1. Is Loi good for baby?

    Yes, Loi Ubtan is designed to be gentle and nourishing for a baby's delicate skin. Its natural ingredients are carefully selected to provide mild cleansing and hydration, making it suitable for regular use. 
  2. Is Loi Ubtan safe for newborns and infants?

    Absolutely. Loi Ubtan is formulated with the utmost consideration for the sensitivity of newborn and infant skin. It is free from harsh chemicals and is crafted with natural ingredients that are known for their soothing and moisturizing properties. Loi is even recommended for newborns to remove unwanted hair from their face and body.  

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