A Healthy Night Routine For Your Baby's Good Sleeping Habits 
December 30, 2022

A Healthy Night Routine For Your Baby's Good Sleeping Habits 

Every new mom's most common complaint is that her baby doesn't sleep or always falls asleep at the wrong time during the day. A newborn still has a long way to go to understand the day and night cycle. The process is called the Circadian Rhythm. They have to experience the body's calmness and learn to proceed with sleeping. The ability to have a command of their body and mind is unknown to them. The predictability has to be implemented, and here's what a night routine does its wonders!

Ever wondered about the concept of the day and the night? It comes so naturally to us that we never question it. That is because we learned it so young that we couldn't question it.

A child always yearns for the calm feeling they have experienced in their mother's womb. The new surroundings are still a task for them to get adjusted to! But since the Lil ones are good learners! They will learn it all. 

Why are aids bad compared to routines?

Some babies only sleep with their mom around or when their father carries them and pats them for a period. This might be helpful things for a while. But once they depend upon these means… development of bad sleeping habits in babies. It will only make things difficult for them once they grow up. What if you are not around and they want to sleep, all tired, but can't? Because of the unfamiliar absence of yours. This will irritate the child and end up being a significant issue. Some parents believe in using white sounds or a pacifier. A pacifier can indeed reduce the risk of SIDS ( a sleeping syndrome) but using it every time is a big no-no! Something from outside that makes the baby dependent is never a good choice. 

Here are some good habits that you can use to calm your baby for sleep:

1. Swaddling and Lullabies: It activates calming effects and helps the child to fall asleep safely and soundly. They feel that being swaddled other than their mother's lap and lullaby is soothing. 

2. Cuddles and Reading: The bedtime story is a prevalent idea. Instead, a tradition filled with good memories. It helps you bond with your child and gives them a platform to think; those stories also help you learn.

3. Bath or Massage: Some parents bathe their babies before making them asleep. It refreshes them, and massage helps their muscles to relax. Some babies feel tired after the bath routine and fall asleep out of tiredness. A good massage with Baby Forest Masoom Maalish Oil and champi with Nanhi champi hair massage oil will comfort the baby and soothe them for a good sleep.

At the age of 8-10 months, One should start a little bedtime routine for their child. It doesn't have to be a long one….with multiple steps, but just small habits like this that can stimulate the child about the next task; being asleep should be the motive, and you are all good to go! Sleeping habits hold importance right from the start. Inducing good habits is a journey that requires patience. But it remains with your child forever. 

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