Mustard Seeds Pillow Benefits: Ideal for Your Newborn's Comfort and Health
March 10, 2023

Mustard Seeds Pillow Benefits: Ideal for Your Newborn's Comfort and Health

We all know how serene and adorable we think seeing a baby sleeping so soundly is. In the initial months, the baby needs crucial care for everything. It takes a while for them to handle the weight on their neck. And secondly, they sleep a lot! These concerns can collide with the baby’s head and neck posture while sleeping. A mustard pillow has lived from generation to generation to better shape a baby’s head. All it consists of is the benefits and benefits, and the following are some of those: 

Shaping And Roundness: 

While in the womb, the baby’s head might be a little conic or unevenly molded. Once they have entered the world, they need some assistance to gain the round shape of the head. The roundness comes with the proper headrest! Mustard Pillow provides precisely what is required most naturally. It wraps the baby’s head with its softness and supports it comfortably while they are asleep. 

Prevents The Extra Pressure 

Baby’s skull is the most delicate, and the bones are yet to be fused. They have soft spots on the head called fontanels that require the utmost care. Since the seeds in the pillow are unfixed, they move according to the baby’s head, providing them the transferable structure support. It prevents the pressure from falling upon the head and neck.

Keeps Them Warm 

Mustard is a natural heater. It consists of good vitamins like Vitamin C, K, and thiamin and compounds of antioxidants like carotenoids and kaempferol. It relieves the baby from every day but fearful situations like the common cold and cough. Its warm properties are the natural cure wrapped up in a comfort of a pillow. It protects the baby from ear infections, promotes blood circulation, and even helps with any strain collected by the head. 

Why Soumya Aakaar Head Shaping Pillow?

The purest organic cotton, finest mustard seeds and the goodness of supreme lavender herb comprise the Baby Forest Soumya Aakaar pillow. The organic cotton gives tender care to the delicate head and mustard with all its support and magic. While lavender naturally soothes the baby and helps them sleep comfortably while keeping the bugs away naturally.        

As adults, we all know how important a pillow is for babies; it is not only about sleep but also plays an essential role in their early development. Our traditions never fail to have the best of nature for the best upbringing, and we try to make it accessible to all.  


Happy parenting!

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