Baby Forest Bath Ritual: An essential ritual for baby’s growth and wellness
September 20, 2022

Baby Bath Ritual: An Essential Ritual For Baby’s Growth & Wellness

Baby bath rituals in India are based on the ancient holistic wellness concepts of Ayurveda and are intrinsic to mother and child care. Ayurveda describes bathing as a therapeutic, healing experience that restores physical energy to the body, removes accumulated toxins, sweat, and dirt from the baby’s skin, and relaxes the mind by balancing emotions.

A baby’s first bath ritual is considered to be one of the most nourishing, cleansing, and comforting experiences in their lives.

Why Baby Bath Rituals Are Important?

A daily pre and post-bath routine are essential for babies as it helps maintain their delicate health and skin texture. Daily bath for newborns, ideally at a fixed hour, relaxes the little one, restores their balance, and boosts natural growth.

Steps To A Complete Bath Ritual

Step 1: Warm oil massage before bath time

According to Ayurveda, a warm oil body massage is essential for the baby as it controls aggravated Vata Dosha, emphasizing on the belief that touch therapy creates a beautiful, deep bond between the mother and child.

Baby Forest has formulated the Maasoom Maalish baby body massage oil with the mishran of 10 Ayurvedic natural essential oils of herbs, flowers, nut oils, and medicinal plants that strengthens the baby’s blood vessels and stimulates blood circulation. The richness of precious natural extracts increases your baby’s bone density and strength.

Step 2: Gentle cleanse during bath

Bathing isn’t just a cleansing process but meditative too. According to the Ayurvedic philosophy, bathing is pious and has healing properties helping in eliminating stress, cleansing the dirt from the body, soothing the nerves, and promoting the body’s energy.

Indulge in the experience of Baby Forest’s luxurious Sampoorna Snan Baby body wash, a nourishing formulation of enriched Ayurvedic herbs and oil that will leave your baby’s delicate skin intensely hydrated, maintaining its natural moisture and making the skin soft and supple.

Step 3: Deep moisturizing after bath

After a refreshing bath, it’s imperative to lock in the skin’s natural moisture. Apply the emollient Moh Malai Baby body lotion, a lightweight textured cream enriched with the goodness of Shea butter, Rose Petals, and Mulethi that penetrates deeply into the skin, locking the baby skin’s natural moisture, providing intense moisturization and nourishment.

Skin is the largest organ in our body and is considered the core of our senses. It rejuvenates and repairs itself naturally. In babies, skin is the first barrier that protects them against germs and viruses. Conscious and more informed choices should be made regarding nutrition, daily rituals, and baby products for the effective, gentle, and holistic well-being of the child.

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