Baby Forest Diaper Rash Cream
December 08, 2022

Is Your Baby Suffering From Diaper Rashes? Here Are The Best Ways to Treat Diaper Rashes

Is your baby fussy and uncomfortable because of those itchy diaper rashes? Moms are always extra careful when it comes to the baby's sensitive skin. But even the best diapers might not be a good friend sometimes. Every baby suffers from diaper rashes under one year of age.

Is It Diaper Rash Or An Yeast Infection?

Yeast infection is also a common issue in infants under one year of age. It is very important to know and spot the difference! So that you can give your baby the proper treatment, as both might be similar in their appearance initially. If the rashes are slightly red, dry the skin. And are not oozy and painful. Then, don't worry. It's a diaper rash! Only a couple of days of the proper treatment will make it go away. But, if the patches are mainly on the folds, the groin area, and are oozy, bumpy, and bleedy, then it is a yeast infection. It might also occur along with fever in some cases, requiring a few weeks to get treated by prescribed medicines.

What Causes Your Baby Diaper Rashes 

Skin Reactions

Detergents, soaps, creams, and diapers might not always suit our Lil loved ones. Some of them contain toxins like boric acid, benzocaine, and salicylates. These are highly toxic for babies and cause rashes. It is safest if everything that touches your baby's skin is natural and chemical-free, just like Baby Forest Mridul Poshaak liquid detergentNirmalya Snan Natural Baby Soapand Sampoorna Snan Baby Body Wash.


Infants' skin is drier than adults. And with the constant usage of diapers and wipes makes their skin lose its moisture, even more, leaving skin inflamed. The rashes can be severe if the dryness is not treated well. A gentle massage of Baby Forest Moh Malai Baby Body Lotion keeps the skin soft and tender.      

Anti Bacterial And Citrus Intake 

Directly or indirectly, if a baby intakes an anti-bacterial medication. It adds to the growth of rashes. At the same time, citrus intake in fruits or tomato sauce is irritable for the baby's skin, especially around the diaper area. 

Friction And Infection 

The Diaper should be the correct size. Spacious enough to fit your hand near the baby's belly. Tight diapers are the primary cause of rashes. And all the fussiness comes from here. 

Which Cream Is The Best For Rashes?

The choice is neverending when it comes to creams for rashes. But then, chemical treatment is not always the right pick! Healing the skin naturally and protecting it from inflammation should be a priority. 

Baby Forest  Komal Kawach Diaper Rash Cream is an ayurvedic wonder for those red, itchy rashes. Tinted with the natural coolant vetiver and hydration of aloe vera, rich in vitamin E, it acts like a shield that protects the skin from infections and wounds. Hand-crafted ingredients like Bandhuka Pushpam and Harachampaka Madanah soothe and play their role as a natural astringent for healing inflamed skin.

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