home remedies for babies
December 12, 2022

Home Remedies For Babies! As Grannies Knows The Best!

A home is where you always feel better, and home remedies always got our back when in need. Passed on from our grannies, wrapped with the goodness of Ayurveda, home remedies are instant comfort on those sick, uneasy days. Sometimes, medicines are not always within reach, and for babies not an easy task to consume. Then Why not rely upon the nourishment of Mother Nature? 

Massage Is A Magic Medicine

Enhancing the baby's blood circulation and gentle strokes of a warm massage relax the baby in cold weather. Warm-natured oils like that mustard oil are perfect for relieving congestion. The good properties of mustard also calm a baby with colic. Another best pick is the Baby Forest Badami Sneh organic Cold pressed Almond oil. Its warm nature and good qualities enhance the immune system with a whole package of strength and nourishment. 

Burp Is Good To Go!

Ever noticed a mom gently patting a baby after feeding the milk? After feeding, wait ten to fifteen minutes and help your Lil one burp! It is essential to know that they are not uncomfortable with the air and milk won't come up, and your munchkin is good to go to digest the milky! To prevent this situation even better, use the Baby Forest Laad Pyaar Baby feeding bottle, specially designed to avoid colic and fuss in babies. 

Does Your Child Have Fever? An Onion Is All That You Need.  

Have you ever heard that the onion raises the temperature of body? If yes, it's a myth! Instead, onion keeps you cool. The onion remedy lowers the high temperature by removing toxins from the body. Put a chopped piece of an onion in a socks and use it on the baby's feet. Take a bigger pair to fit the bit. Remove the sock from the feet when it has turned brown. It removes bacteria and viruses, purifies the blood, and lowers the high temperature. 

Curd, Buttermilk, and Banana Are Good For The Tummy!

If your baby has stomach issues, the good bacteria should reach at the time! Give them some curd, a banana, or some buttermilk. Banana is the fastest way to stop loose motions. It will also revive water loss and act as a probiotic. What else can be the safest to eat?

Haldimilk Is The Marvel Milk!

Turmeric has the best weapons when it comes to fighting any infection. Its antibacterial properties work in no time. So, whenever the doctor says it's an infection, a sipper of turmeric milk will win over it. The little wounds they get from playing around, Haldimilk heals them too!

Carry A Lemon When You Travel With Your Baby

Motion Sickness is common in babies. They might not be able to describe the level of discomfort they would feel. The texture of lemon soothes the nausea felt by them. It is worrying when they sweat or vomit, and the drive can drain their energy. The lemon juice diluted with water and the fragrance of lemon will help the child to feel better. 

Home Remedies are closer to us. Somewhere or the other, they connect to us better than medications. Not only it provides instant solutions, but it also doesn't harm your Lil munchkin. Home remedies are the safest and earn the mamma's trust. Who will know better than mother nature?   

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