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January 09, 2023

All You Need To Know About Breastfeeding

Parenting comes with a lot of decisions to make. What is best for your baby is your own decision, but your friends and family also participate with you. Breastfeeding is a personal choice of a mom. If you choose to do it, we are proud of you. If not, then also we are proud of you. The main concern is the healthy growth of your Lil munchkin, no matter what way you choose!

What Makes The Breastmilk A Gold Milk?

The goodness of breast milk is unmatchable. Its magical qualities are there from the very first day. Whether it is a bond, nutrients, or prevention from disease, it is the best for the first six months! Here are some exceptional strengths of breastmilk;

Colostrum: Within a few hours after the birth, the first yellow milk is the special savior. It is the richest in anti-bodies and bioactive proteins and strengthens immunity from the very start. You shouldn't be missing this one!

Lowers the Risk of SIDS and NEC: Sudden Infant death syndrome and necrotizing enterocolitis are at lower risk if the baby is fed breastmilk. NEC explicitly affects premature babies, and the survival rate goes as low as 50% in difficult situations. So, breastmilk is the best choice for those initial days.
Easy for babies: Babies can digest breast milk easily. Their body adapts the breastmilk more naturally and instead takes a while for any other type of feeding.

Long-Term Prevention: Diseases like asthma, diabetes, allergies, bacterial infections, pneumonia, and obesity are prevented through breast milk in the generation where these diseases are so common. It's a savior from the beginning.

Good for Mom: Breastfeeding not only connects a baby to its mom but also connects the mom to her baby. It helps a mom to cope with postpartum depression. And even shrinks the possibility of developing severe diseases like breast cancer, ovarian cancer, heart disease, and diabetes.

Makes A Mom Happy: The process is prolonged for more than four months. It promotes good hormones like oxytocins. It also helps the uterus in getting back to its size. Iron deficiency after giving birth is also recovered faster with the feeding of breast milk.

What Makes Nursing A Difficult Choice?

As easy as it is to digest, a baby wants to feed more frequently, which limits the mother. She has to be around the child all the time.
New Moms are constantly sleep-deprived. A baby must be fed before sleep or during the night if they are awake. Some mothers might feel exhausted and feel a sense of losing control over their bodies.
A baby eats what their mom eats. If a mother is nursing a baby, she has to look after her diet. Consumption of alcohol, unhealthy junk, or high-sugar content food will not be a good choice for the Lil one.

It's always a typical decision whether one should rely on alternatives for breastfeeding. A Mom knows the best! Of course, nursing has its exceptional benefits. But keeping the situation a priority is a wise choice sometimes as far as the baby is healthy and nurtured well. It's all close to your hand.

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