5 Winter Foods That You Should Include In Your Lil One's Diet
February 02, 2023

5 Winter Foods That You Should Include In Your Lil One's Diet

The coziness of the winter comes with losing track of immunity and those frequent coughs and colds are the most tiresome. Winters become more intense for babies than adults. And above that, they are too young to convey their feelings. Those crying, sleepless nights aren't easy for them and their parents. But incorporating the weather-friendly diet changes a lot more than we expect. Here are some special winter foods that you must feed your baby.

Badam Halwa:

Almonds are your baby's best friend. As soon as your Lil one turns one plus, start feeding them almonds halwa in winter. A spoonful quantity is all you need to provide them with rich protein and strengthen their bones. Along with their diet, give them a massage with Baby Forest Badami Sneh organic cold-pressed almond oil to boost their growth and immunity. The nature of the oil keeps your baby warm and nourished.

Turmeric Milk:

This one is a savior from cough and cold. It requires almost no time, and mammas are free from doing something extra. Giving your baby turmeric milk is the most accessible because all you need to do is add a pinch of haldi while you feed milk from your spice box. It boosts the baby's immunity, and anti-oxidants do their magic whenever needed.

Lentil And Vegetable Soup:

If your baby is weaning, dal soup is one of the most nutrient-rich foods, full of protein. Once the baby reaches nine months of age, the smooth texture of the soup with added vegetables is easy to make and a good meal option for babies.

Sweet Potatoes:

Harsh winter requires the intake of heat-producing foods, and sweet potatoes are the most prominent choice. The second quality that sweet potatoes are known for is their growth and development of the brain and body. Anti-oxidants keep the body from toxins and naturally boost winter's dullness.

Jaggery Syrup And Nuts:

The right amount of jaggery, not too less and not too much, is good in winter for babies. If the baby is too young, it is difficult to digest and consume the nuts, but a jaggery syrup mixed with powdered nuts is remedial for the cough and old and produces natural heat in the body.

At last, we would not want to spoil the holiday season for our babies and quality family time through their sickness. The whole family deserves that good time! Winter is about enjoying the warm sun with your Lil ones! Giving your baby a healthy, nutritious, and warm diet is better than making them take anti-bacterial medications for possible infections.


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