This Summer, Keep Your Baby Away From Mosquitos
April 20, 2023

This Summer, Keep Your Baby Away From Mosquitos

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The sun, sand, and beach season time is here! The arrival of summer comes with the arrival of insects, scorching heat, and humidity. And moms constantly worry about preventing the little ones from insects and those unknown bugs. One can still avoid the heat and humidity by not going out at the odd sun times. But avoiding insects is the most challenging task. They are everywhere and at every time! Trying to avoid them is like avoiding polluted air. You cannot control it at all, even if you are indoors. 

Is the mosquito danger dangerous enough to a Baby? 

Just like our developed immunity, we adults have immunized skin as well. For us, the bugs are limited to the outermost layers of the skin. But the babies' protective layer is yet to be developed. When they are born, they possess a layer called vernix caseosa that is absorbed into their skin after 24 hours of birth. Hence, their natural skin comes in contact with the environment. Any danger predisposed to their skin is much more severe and direct than ours. It's typical if a baby gets a fever or infection just by a small mosquito bite. The question is, what can be done? Should we lock the baby or cover them in layers to prevent it? The answer is no! Let the baby explore and experience the environment with the right kind of protection. 

Natural prevention is better than cure!

As a mom, you must have googled what to do if your baby gets a red or swollen bump from the mosquito bite and how to recognize if it's a mosquito bite. As a result, there are hundreds of suggested ways you can treat it. But, preventing it on the first hand is what is the need of an hour. You don't need to rely on unnatural chemical ways for that. Most available options are full of harmful chemicals that will harm the bugs to stay away. 

But we forget it's equally harmful to the baby's skin too. Protect the little one's skin but fill it with the goodness of Ayurveda.  

Mashak Kawach Baby Mosquito Repellant 

Baby Forest's Mashak Kawach Baby Mosquito Repellant Spray is an ayurvedic mosquito repellant spray derived from mother nature and is the safest alternative for protecting your baby. 100% natural essential oils like cedarwood, lavender, and lemongrass shield the baby traditionally and can be an effective healer. All you need to do is spray the repellant on the exposed area, and we are good to go! Mashak Kawach will keep all the bugs at length!


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