Somya Aakar Newborn’s Head-Shaping Mustard Pillow

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Head Shaping Pillow

Comfortable Sleep

Improve Blood Circulation

Support Neck & Spine

With the softness of organic cotton, the Somya Aakar baby pillow fixes the baby’s neck posture and prevents the development of a flat head. Stuffed with the goodness of lavender and mustard (Rai) seeds, it relaxes the baby and ensures a comfortable sleep. Infants frequently take naps and require assistance for spine alignment and easing the pressure on their necks. Somya Aakar is designed as the first pillow for a newborn, ideal for 0 to 6 months!

Dried lavender flowers (Lavandula Angustifolia), Organic mustard seeds(Brassica Alba)

Introduce your baby to this pillow soon after birth. This pillow is perfect for use when the baby rests on the bed, rocker, or cradle. Keep the baby's head and shoulders steady on the pillow.

ideal for 0 to 6 months!

Do not wash the pillow. Remove the cotton cover and wash it with a chemical-free detergent. To keep the pillow fresh, place it in direct sunlight for a few hours each month.

Your Baby Benefits

Mustard Mustard seeds adjust themselves according to the baby's head, improve blood circulation, and shape the baby's head round.
Lavender Lavender prevents the baby from mosquitoes and bugs and relaxes them to sleep.
Prevents Flat head syndrome
Prevents Flat head syndrome Maintaining the proper posture, it prevents the baby from developing a flat head syndrome.
100% Organic Cotton
100% Organic Cotton The super soft pillow cover is made of 100% organic cotton, gentle on baby's skin, and Easily removable for washing and care.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Monica Chaturvedi
Perfect for new borns

It is perfect in size and the cloth cover is very soft, and can be separately washed too.

Arpita Parikh Shah

Most comfortable just like homemade by Nani-Dadi.

Rajan Ak
Keep calm and sleep well

It helps in shaping baby’s head and also the aroma of lavender just calms the baby and hence My baby sleeps peacefully

Mehdi Surani
love it

great product